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Kaisa Engineering Solutions

Owned by Isabella Pooe

In a groundbreaking venture, Kaisa Engineering Solutions was founded by two young black women with a bold ambition: to carve out their space in the traditionally male-dominated mining industry. Driven by a powerful combination of passion and determination, these trailblazers are rewriting the narrative, proving that gender should never define one's role in an industry

While Kaisa Engineering had a solid grip on the technical aspect of their business, they recognized the need for additional support in its operational aspects. This is where OBPI-incubator stepped in, extending a guiding hand. With the assistance of the South African Business Hub, Kaisa Engineering underwent transformative coaching sessions. These sessions not only helped them define their goals with clarity but also provided insights on how to reach them. Recognizing the significance of client engagement and effective marketing, OBPI-Incubator introduced the marketing and sales courses and access to market ( Expos) to enhance their outreach and practice all they have learnt from the course.

Outcomes and Success
The results of this strategic intervention are now evident. Kaisa Engineering has achieved regular invoicing, reflecting a seamless operational flow. Beyond the technical finesse that has always been their hallmark, their operations now function like a well-oiled machine. Their journey toward success is far from over. With their eyes on the horizon, Kaisa Engineering Solutions is currently looking into acquiring a workshop, an exciting step that promises to unlock new avenues for project completion.

Opakilwe Bogolo Trading and Project 

Owned By Kutlwano Mphaile

Opakilwe Bogolo Trading and Project was founded by a determined young Black man who faced the disappointment of being unable to secure traditional employment after completing his education. Rather than succumbing to this setback, Mr. Kutlwano chose to address a prevailing advertising/branding gap he identified within his local community. Little did he realize that this decision would pave the way for his remarkable journey as a thriving entrepreneur. Recognizing the potential of Opakilwe Bogolo, the local LED Manager introduced Kutlwano to the OBPI-incubator.

 One of the significant challenges faced by Opakilwe Bogolo was the difficulty in sourcing funding and maintaining a clear distinction between business and personal expenses. To address this, the OBPI-Incubator organized an Access to Funding workshop, and introduced Kutlwano with a funding company that is presently assisting him in securing funds for his Purchase Order projects. Additionally, the incubator supported him in refining his financials, offering him a tangible glimpse of his financial progress.

Outcomes and Success
 Opakilwe Bogolo has effectively secured funding for his ongoing projects and has successfully entered into a contract with a prominent nearby mining company. Beyond this achievement, he has also diversified his ventures into other sectors, thus generating employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the community. This journey underscores his transition from adversity to accomplishment, marking him as a shining example of entrepreneurial success

P and Twin Enterprise Molefe

Owned by Thabiso Molefe

Thabiso Molefe, the founder of P and Twin Enterprise Molefe, defied the odds and transformed his life from a challenging upbringing to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Raised by a single mother who worked as a taxi driver, Thabiso faced financial constraints that hindered his education and limited his employment prospects. However, driven by determination and the desire for a better future, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would ultimately lead to the establishment of his own company.
Thabiso's journey began with the realization that traditional employment opportunities were scarce in the country. Inspired by a friend's suggestion, he co-founded P and Twin Enterprise Molefe on the 28th of March 2018. The company specialized in providing office and plant cleaning services, a much-needed service in various industries.

 Although P and Twin Enterprise Molefe started generating revenue, Thabiso found himself handling multiple roles as the director, CEO, and al-around runner of the company. Recognizing the need for further development and support, he seized an opportunity when an advertisement from OBPI Incubator called for SMEs in the Bojanala District to apply for an incubation programme. P and Twin Enterprise Molefe recognized the incubation program as the perfect opportunity to address the key challenges they faced.
An assessment conducted by OBPI-Incubator highlighted crucial areas of improvement, including access to markets, employee relations, and funding opportunities. To enhance employee relations, P and Twin Molefe Enterprise was offered a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with OBPI-Incubator’s partnering organizations that specialized in resolving labor-related issues. Additionally, understanding the importance of market access, the company underwent branding efforts offered by the incubator to establish a strong brand identity. This allowed them to exhibit their services at the prestigious MTE Expo and attend the ESD Community Practice Workshop, where Thabiso had the chance to network with potential buyers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Outcomes and Success
The efforts and determination of P and Twin Molefe Enterprise including support from OBPI-incubator started yielding remarkable results. They successfully secured a substantial project with a prominent mine in the surrounding area. This significant achievement not only solidified their reputation but also paved the way for the employment of disadvantaged individuals.
With their sights set on further growth, P and Twin Molefe Enterprise's current focus is to secure a Vacuum Truck. Acquiring this essential asset would enable the company to secure more projects and, consequently, create even more employment opportunities for the local community.

Chaos kulture (Pty) Ltd

Owned by Jeffrey Petlele

Chaos Kulture is a Remote Digital Design Agency from Rustenburg, North West, South Africa. Servicing companies all over South Africa. It is the brainchild of Jeffrey Petlele a scholar of the arts and a lead designer. The entity was incorporated in 2021 to address gaps encountered in the market From booming cities to the small mining town of Rustenburg Chaos Kulture realised how finding the right Digital Design Studio was like looking for a needle in a haystack .There was either the problem of delivery, lead-time, team support or even the graphics themselves. Chaos Kulture developed a team of specialised developers and designers to help solve these problems, with an almost perfect project completion rate

As fate may have it, Chaos Kulture was the efficient service provider adjudicated and selected to do branding and design for the incubator through procurement processes. This is when the entity realised that there is more to business than just the identity, thus they showed interest in joining the incubator programme. The highlight interventions that were implemented for the company was to create an access to market for them while equipping them with lifelong skills that will take the entity further.
They have attended LinkedIn marketing programme, South African Business Hub training, Access to funding workshop and also had the privilege to interact with other entrepreneurs within the incubator that have been in the business spectrum for longer.

Outcomes and Success
Although the journey still continues, through the incubator’s interventions, The entity has grown their monthly revenue due to the skills imparted on them. It is at this point that now the company is heading on an upward trend and aiming to get more clientele and surpass the current economic growth

Emang Bomme Construction CC

Owned by Monicaa Maleka

Ms. Monica Maleka is the director of Emang Bomme Construction, a company created with the aim of motivating women to believe in their abilities to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Their services include Brick Work, Plastering, Painting, Cleaning, General Building Maintenance Work and Fencing. However, the company faced a significant challenge in their early stages—irregular invoicing.

When Emang Bomme Construction came across an advertisement for an incubation program in a newspaper, they recognized it as a chance to enhance their business and sought to benefit from the offered support. Through the incubation program, Emang Bomme was able to develop a strong brand identity, obtain Fire Fighting Certification, and participate in crucial networking opportunities such as the MTE Expo and ESD Community Practice workshops. Additionally, the OBPI-Incubator ensured the completion of Emang Bomme Construction's Management Accounts, an important milestone in their financial management.
One of the most impactful interventions for Emang Bomme Construction was the business coaching sessions provided during the incubation program. These sessions helped Ms. Monica Maleka find her niche and identify the main services that would drive her company's growth and success.

Outcomes and Success
 Thanks to the support received through the incubation program, Emang Bomme Construction
experienced significant positive outcomes and achieved notable milestones. The company's newfound strong brand identity and improved service offerings resulted in an increased customer base. Emang Bomme Construction was able to establish credibility and build traction for their services.
Another crucial achievement resulting from the incubation program was the completion of their Management Accounts. This accomplishment now allows Emang Bomme Construction to pursue funding opportunities, a vital aspect of business growth and expansion

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